I have just started using the hofnote student practice stuff and it is brilliant. Starting music late in life (middle age) is a challenge to the mind and the fingers/bow arm (violin) and I always find the aurals most tricky. Hofnote is giving me confidence to do it Thank you.


I'm so excited... your Grade 7 Aural tests made my pupils go up by 2 to 3 marks each. They went from 11/18 last year to 15/18 and 13/18 this year! A great improvement. But the BEST  improvement came from my Grade 8 Pupil, who scored 14/18 in comparison with 9/18 last year!  It was instrumentral in helping him to pass, because he passed Final by 2 marks  - thanks to hofnote.com It was hardwork, as he did it in one year from Grade 7 to Grade 8 this year!
Thank you soooooooo much... it helped immensely to use Hofnote.com


Your programme is great, it takes so much pressure off the lessons. I just wish I had know about it sooner and not just two weeks before my pupil’s exams. I know what to do with my next candidates.

Barbara from Cornwall

Emily is preparing for her Grade 3 oboe with Hofnote, but used it to help her prepare for her Grade 2 piano in July and got a distinction, 135/150, and, wait for it, 18/18 in her aural! Many thanks for such an inspirational site, it clearly does help students achieve the highest of marks and keep up the good work!

Emily's Mum

I’ve already had a go at Grade 2 and I’m finding it more of a challenge than Grade 1!!

Emma aged 12

I would like to say a big thank you to hofnote. My grade 5 aural was a success!

Shushu aged 9

Thanks for enrolling me for another session of hofnote which is helping me a lot with listening skills and you get an answer which is brilliant and not left wondering whether you are right or wrong.I use the website a lot and I find it enjoyable

Sylvia A student from Scotland

It’s an excellent website and the exercises are quick to do and the beauty of it I can revisit them to ensure it ‘sinks’ in.

David ... Saxophone student

From a student viewpoint, it’s great to see whether an answer is right or wrong (compared to the ABRSM aural CDs), there seems to be an unlimited bank of questions.

Grace - guitar student

I have been thrilled to discover Hofnote which is just the sort of resource that I have been looking for. Now as well as practising aural awareness in their lesson, pupils can practise on their own at home. They really seem to enjoy the programme and I particularly like the way I can see what has been achieved and what needs working on. The support provided to me as a teacher has been exceptional. Hofnote obviously care a good deal about their customers and are committed to providing a first-class service. I have happily recommended them to several other teachers. Many thanks for this great Site.

Margaret .. piano teacher from London area

The exercises are a splendid and effective use of the Internet for developing aural and listening skills. Their structured approach and instant feedback motivate one to pursue a topic until it is mastered. The nagging feeling about the unpredictability of the exams. is removed .The conscientious student may approach the aural examination with confidence.

John ... adult learner from Hertfordshire

I can already see how your website is helping my daughter and she has only done a few exercises! Thanks for putting together such an excellent website!

Paul ... Piano teacher and parent - Scotland

The great thing about Hofnote is that everything is tailored to the required level, while grabbing the student’s interest to repeatedly have a go at the assignments. It is impossible to allocate enough lesson time to this aspect of the practical exam without other areas suffering and is met with some intrepidation by the student when the lesson plan turns to aural skills. With Hofnote the student can have a go in a relaxed environment where failure is not criticised, though their natural urge to succeed will draw them into continuing until their results improve. As a teacher I know that I can enrol a student with Hofnote and be secure in the knowledge that they will improve through the experience of using it - no matter how numerous their mistakes!

Jane ... Piano teacher from Wales

A brilliant tool. It’s easy and fun for pupils to use providing them with the means to develop and practise their aural skills on a regular basis rather than just once a week in lesson time. Teachers can monitor their pupil’s progress and send them messages - what a good idea. I thoroughly recommend it. It’s excellent value for money, too. Congratulations and thank you to all at Hofnote.

Jan ... piano Teacher from Kent UK

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