Terms of Use with links to legal documents

Legal Terms and Conditions for using this site can be accessed from here or from the footer on every page.

Similarly the Privacy Policy which includes GDPR compliance can be accessed from here or from the footer of every page.

Students and teachers are asked to agree to these before they can register with the site. Where a student is under 18 please ensure an adult (teacher, parent or carer) completes the registration on their behalf.

A quick guide

Nothing in this quick reference guide to Hofnote is intended to have legal force, this is merely a summary to getting the best out of Hofnote.

  1. Who owns Hofnote?
  2. What can you copy from Hofnote sites?
  3. What can you use freely?
  4. What facilities must you pay to use?
  5. If I register what does Hofnote do with my personal details?
  6. Cancellation and refunds
  7. Transfer or credit transfer for unused time
  8. Guarantee
  9. Feedback

1. Who owns Hofnote?

The Hofnote websites are owned and maintained by Music Teacher Support Ltd, an English company that operate under the trading name of Hofnote . Please go to the contact page here to contact us.

These sites offer valuable resources to both students and teachers. The offer facilities which are free of charge and also facilities (such as courses) for which there is a charge.

2. What can you copy from Hofnote sites?

Hofnote owns full copyright and all other rights in the sites and no resource, free or paid for, can be used by anyone else without Hofnote’s prior written permission. Some of the photographs on the site are used under royalty free licence from IStockPhotos, Getty Images and Shutterstock. The licence for each has been bought by Hofnote (Music Teacher Support Ltd)

Uploading of content for which you, the user, do not own either the copyright nor have the copyright holders express permission to load onto our site is forbidden and sanctions will be taken against those who infringe other people’s copyright.

No one may upload content which is offensive, illegal, blasphemous or oppresses (bullies) others.

Hofnote aims to keep all uploaded content securely, it does not guarantee against loss or corruption.

3. What can you use freely?

  • The free resources on the link from the menu bar at the top of the page are for anyone to use. You may circulate links to these pages to others whether or not they intend to register with Hofnote.
  • Teachers who register also have a teacher forum and a brochure page where they can add their own content. Students will be able to search and find teachers whose details they already know through this brochure page. Teachers may promote their site and this facility is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy courses or enrol students.
  • Students who register have their own forum and Portfolio. Here they can upload a photo,  a scanned copy of a certificate, or concert programme for their latest achievement, and an audio clip of their performances or a favourite piece. They can add unlimited links to other sites where they feature. Only they themselves and specially invited friends will be able to view their portfolios.

4. What facilities must you pay to use?

There is a fee to enrol on a course through Hofnote. Each enrolment allows one student access via the student log in to a specific courses for the enrolment period which is nomally four months. An enrolment does not become active until Hofnote receives the fee in full.

5. If you register what does Hofnote do with your personal details

Hofnote respects your privacy and does not share your details with anyone else with the following except:

  • where essential for web development contractors to carry out work on the sites (and then Hofnote requires the contractor to agree to keep the information private and secure with a non-disclosure agreement); or
  • for legal reasons, for example if required by the police or where Hofnote is ordered by the courts to disclose personal information.

Hofnote may bring you offers either from itself or in conjunction with other organisations, but they will not give any of your details to these organisations.

Hofnote employees are required to undergo CRB disclosures and no-one who is found unsuitable to work with children will be employed or have access to personal details. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check is done by the police to identify previous convictions which indicate whether someone is suitable or not to work with children or vulnerable people.

Teachers who register students on the site must have the student’s written consent or the student’s parent’s or carer’s written consent to give us their details before Hofnote can enter these students into its database.

All users have the option to opt into or out of receiving a newsletter from us during registration.

Students can be linked to their teacher through the site, in which case the teacher will be able to access their personal details and learning records. For this to happen, the student or their parent/carer must give their consent to Hofnote to being linked either in writing or during the enrolment.

6. Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations of enrolments are not refunded except in special circumstances agreed specifically with Hofnote.

7. Transfer or credit of unused time

Unless otherwise agrred all course enrolments last for four months. If you need slightly longer than this please contact us. Unused access time cannot be credited or transferred to another grade or another student.

8. Guarantee

Hofnote endeavours to maintain and audit all teaching materials, but does not guarantee that use of the services it offers will result in any improvement in the skill level of a student.

Hofnote make all reasonable effort to ensure the site is available at all times, but does not guarantee that it will be. Occasionally it may be offline for limited periods for essential maintenance and due to unforeseen circumstances. We do commit to doing all we reasonably can to keep it online and will give reasonable notice if we can of any expected downtimes.

9. Feedback

Hofnote hopes you enjoy using the site and welcomes suggestions and comments from users as to how the site can be made more useful and friendly. It is Hofnote’s goal to be bringing further content and services online as the sites develop.