Hofnote For Students

Hofnote gives you a brilliant way to practise your aural skills and now also theory skills.

  • Use the free materials to try out the exercises.
  • Register and have your own homepage which you can customise and make your own with a picture;
  • You can search for a teacher; and of course you can enrol
  • Use all the teaching and practise materials to help you prepare for your exam with confidence when you enrol

    Free examples of each exercise are available for you to try before you buy.

    Use the Courses and demos tab above to see the full range.
    This will take you to a page which defaults to the exercises for ABRSM aural syllabus, but a drop down box on the right hand side will let you select other courses for other examining bodies including Trinity College London (TCL) and music theory
    You can use the demo exercises to give you an idea of what you need to know for the exam and also give you a chance to try out the exercises.

    You can register for free and this will give you your own home page.
    From this home page you will be able to enrol on a course/grade and it will show all your current enrolments.
    There are links then into doing your practice and to review your results record.
    Once you have your home page you can customise it to make it personally yours.

  • You can upload a picture which displays at the top left hand side.
  • You can also upload a favourite music clip and photo of a certificate or performance programme to make a brief potfolio.
  • If you know others using Hofnote, you can link to your friend s so you can see each other’s portfolios.
  • You can also take part in the forum or message your friends or teacher.

    Enrolling on a course:
    You need to be registered before you can enrol on a course, which you can then do from your home page.

  • Linking to your teacher:
    As you are enrolling you will have the option to enter your teacher’s email address. Doing this will link your enrolment to your teacher and when they log in they will be able to see how you are doing. It will only work of course if your teacher is registered with Hofnote and you use the same email address that they have registered with. Of course, you can use Hofnote without a teacher – just leave the box blank.

  • Entering your instrument:
    This is optional and at the moment there is no need to enter this information because the aural tests are the same for each instrument. The facility is there to allow us to develop further the services of the site in the future.

  • Payment:
    Payment can be made by Paypal or Card online, in which case you will get your enrolment as soon as the site is notified that you have paid. We do not see your card details and do not set up any automatic or repeat billing. One enrolment gives you 4 months access to all the exercises in that course/grade. We cannot credit or transfer any unused access. However if there are exceptional circumstances then do contact us. (eg if an enrolment has not been used at all due to illness, or if an extension of just a few days is needed due to a delayed exam)

  • Where can you practise?
    Once enrolled you can practise on any computer by logging in with the email address and password you set up. You can also use your mobile phone using our free Android and iphone apps

    Search for a teacher:
    Use This link to search for your teacher on Hofnote, or to find a teacher in your area.
    Search for my teacher

    How accurate is Hofnote?
    We are constantly upgrading the exercises, and put a premium on maintaining accuracy. Hofnote also have the site audited externally. This was the auditor’s report after reviewing all the exercises..

    Audit results from Anthony Whittaker, Pianist, Teacher, Examiner and Adjudicator: “Hofnote is a clearly thought-out and invaluable learning experience for music students of all ages and abilities. With the help of this site, instrumentalists and singers should be much better prepared for the aural test section of their examination. Good aural skills go beyond the exam room though. Hofnote will also help you to develop as a musician too!” - Anthony Whittaker, Pianist, Teacher, Examiner & Adjudicator.