FAQ's for Teachers/Schools

  • I am having problems logging in although I am sure my details are correct.
  • I am a teacher, how do I join Hofnote?
  • What can I do now I am in Hofnote?
  • I am a teacher, may I see how my students are doing?
  • My student has enrolled independently, how do I see how he/she is progressing?
  • What is the consent form for?
  • What is my brochure page, and can anyone view it?
  • How can I make my brochure page available to students serching for a teacher?
  • I do not want to be able to message my students, nor have them message me.
  • What facilities have been built in to make Hofnote easier for schools to use?
  • How does the teacher linking work?
  • What is the school licence?
  • Do the students have to use the school computers?
  • Will each student enrolment and the associated cost still be identifiable?
  • Does the school get a discount?
  • Are unused Hoftokens forfeited at the end of the year?
Lester & Christine Hough

FAQ's for Students

  • Can I use a smart phone with Hofnote
  • I thought my teacher had registered me but I cannot log in.
  • Why are there two ways to enter my answer? 'Show me the answer' and 'Submit answer'
  • I am a student, how do I join Hofnote?
  • OK. I’m now a registered student, how do I enrol on a course?
  • I am a student enrolled on a course, can my teacher see how I am doing?
  • Do I have to be linked to a teacher?
  • What else can I do on Hofnote?
  • Who are my friends?
  • What if I do not want to be friends?
  • How do I upload items to personalise my registration?