Musical Aptitude Tests are used fairly widely by schools and education authorities for music scholarships and for allocating instrumental tuition.

They are intended to identify the strengths of a student's musicianship in different areas and identify potential

The Hofnote preparation exercises follow the design of the Bentley Test, which is commonly used.

The exercises should be used four months before the test is given, and can significantly increase a student’s perception of pitch, melody, texture and rhythm.

Hofnote keeps a record of the student’s progress, so you can see the improvement from session to session.

For further details including the opportunity to try out demos, please select a grade on the left hand side. To reveal a list of the grades for an examining body, click on the button on the left hand side, and a menu of the grades will show beneath it

What is Musical Aptitude Test Prep

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What is Musical Aptitude Test Prep?